Agent-x, i want to recruit Aristide ASP for the new army...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - October 7 2011, 11:16 AM

Agent-x, i want to recruit Aristide ASP for the new army laundry room and kitchen.

I hope is not in DR, because the Dominicans are not too friendly with him, they will send him to cut sugarcane, i will be more easy on him in the laundry room, kitchen because physically Aristide's frame body is too frail and too feminine for hard labor in sugarcane field.

I was told Aristide is no where in Haiti possibly hiding in DR, i was told also he cannot flight either because he is prohibited by the macoutes for further notice and action.

I know he cannot travel very far on foot, mule or donkey, forget about horses because the mountains terrains are very roughs for horses around the borders.

Please, i know you have good contact with him, therefore tell him to give me a call before my hunting trip next week.
As for you Agent-x, i have a better job for you, but one thing at the time.


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