I commend Martelly to take that paternity test and if it...

Toulimen Legrand - October 5 2011, 4:37 PM

I commend Martelly to take that paternity test and if it happens to be true that this young innocent guy is his son, he should take full responsibility to cherish him and put a roof over his head. Martelly should not reject the paternity test rather he should prove it as a strong man who always takes full responsibility even in difficult times.

I believe that if the mother did not die Martelly would have already taken care of that young innocent man. He is not a bad vulgar man and he is very sensitive to others' pain and suffering.

The election of Martelly, once again, proves that anyone could become president of Haiti.

The poor and the rich of Haiti know who to choose to defend their interests and they live side by side against the educated ones who always want better life for them. The rich of Haiti know how to control the country from the Media, churches, voodoo temples and the poor as well. That's why you have a Martelly into power.

Now, it is time to give him a chance so he can apply his economic and political agenda on behalf of Haiti.

Micky take the test and save your son! I commend you to do so!

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