In every nation; security and border control are a priority...

Claudy Lormeus - October 3 2011, 12:14 PM

In every nation; security and border control are a priority.

You have no idea how many millions that Haiti is losing in customs for not controlling its borders and ports, let me tell you it's more that 50 millions and on top of that Minustah doen't care cause we are paying millions to them for nothing; they don't know the territory and don't even speak our language.

How can Minustah help Haitians while we don't have an intercommunication?

How can they carry an investigation without questioning the people?

We don't need Minustah because it is an indirect force what we need is direct force the Haitian Army then you will see the progress.

Businesses and other countries will pay taxes when importing and exporting goods instead of ripping Haiti off and stealing millions.

One of the best ways that governments earn money is from customs and taxes; with that money they build schools, universities, hospitals and other important stuffs.

Bringing back the Haitian Army is our Priority and then the other stuffs will come afterwards.

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Hello everybody I really agree with a force army but...

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Son u got a big problem of common sense so u think...

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