Agent-x, you are a two faces animal like the rest of the...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - October 3 2011, 7:27 AM

Agent-x, you are a two faces animal like the rest of the Lavalas suckers, you shouldn't even talk about weapons at all.
Maybe you should revise your previous comments, i can help you remember if you wish me too.
Talking about manchetes, Talking about rifles, chimeres?

Wow, you are not consistant.

I was out only for a few days preparing my gears for my hunting trip and you started just minutes of my absence to talk about your monkey Aristide"he is the Messiah".

You should be shame using that supreme title on that A S S H O L E.
Blasphemy is a sin, if you were in the Middle East your punk A S S would be sorry.

I know Jesus is the Messiah, please put that in your thick skull.

Animal go on your four's and ask God to forgive you.

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The macoute vagabonds do not respect superior people...


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The imperialists have no sympathy and respect for poor and defenseless nations. The Haitians national heroes like...

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I agree. if most Haitians adults have a gun or rifle...

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