Sir, Rest assured that the revolution of 1791 that you are so...

Brian Andrew - September 30 2011, 9:11 PM

Sir, Rest assured that the revolution of 1791 that you are so proud of will never happen again.

It was a fluke accident due to Napoleon over confidence and his over heated ego. He underestimated the number of the slave population in saint Domingue thus failed to send proper ammunition.

Slight calculation on his part. It is one of the reasons as to why Napoleon loss control over Louisiana in the States.

Stop remaining us of your military bravoure which was purely accidental,
coupled with the help of environmental diseases like malaria and yellow fever contributed to your good fortune that only you indigenous Africans were able to tolerate...Otherwise Saint Domingue would have stayed the same up till today, except it would have been modernized.

Alright, if you want to espoused that argument Haiti belongs to the Indians natives, not to you, imported Africans.

We take care of our Indians, they get free education, free housing, communities of their own and they get to keep full benefit from casinos established by them all over the states.

Above all, we respect their women and children.

Never will you see the kind of language you exhibited towards your own women used towards our women, past, present or future.

Rest also assured that we have no intention of killing Haitians.

If we did, all we had to do was to establish a complete embargo, police our coast lines, stop all foreign aid. Six months, top, Haiti would have been an open cemetery, with no survivors.

This is how vulnerable you are to us. Skip the big talk. Nobody wants to hear it. When you have accomplished something for real, we can talk. don't even think you can use the second hands weapons that we sent you. We have much more modern ones at our disposal.

Good bye - No more communication.

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