Amnesty International can only bring up cases that were given...

Brian Andrew - September 28 2011, 11:19 PM

Amnesty International can only bring up cases that were given to them by either the citizens of a given country or by a humanitarian agency of that particular country.

although Amnesty International prosecutes cases of crimes against humanity, but Amnesty International, by itself is powerless.

You people have to decide whether or not you want help, if so be clear on it, if not cut the game and disengage.

There are other countries who truly can use our help.
We can use our money home where it is needed and appreciated.

You don't need our help, say so and we will be out of your way in a second.

We don't need you. We have 50 States and other countries who would be more than glad to receive our help.

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Sir, It is come to my attention that there is a list...

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F U C K OFF,do that. It's a good idea use that money...

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