I truly like your inquiry, Betty! One minute we hear that...

Ronald Altieri - September 28 2011, 10:28 AM

I truly like your inquiry, Betty! One minute we hear that Prime Minister Bellerive and Bill Clinton were in charge of receiving and allocating the 10 Billion (10,000,000,000.00) US dollars that was promised to Haiti by foreign donors for its reconstruction; and another minute we hear that more than one third of this sum is unaccounted for. To the President's credit, he has been made clear - by the Martelly camp and other trustworthy channels - that approximately 3.5 Billion give or take has already been dispensed to Haiti.

President Martelly has gone on telivision in Canada and stated that not only that he has not seen the money, but that he could not tell anyone what that money has done for the country.

Meaning, clearly, that he does not have the papervork to prove where the money has gone, or what has been done with it.
Do you believe that Martelly would tell the nation and the world such a thing if it was not true. No, you don't! We already know that he is not a saint, but we also know that he would pull down his pants in front of the queen of England and the cameras of CNN before he says anything crooked about money to the nation and the world.

One thing for certain, during his speech at the UN he did say something about the left hand taking what the right is giving.

May be that was a hint of how he feels, meaning that the good-old-boys group in Haiti are helping shady characters and companies to share the money that is coming in with the population only catching the vapors from those who are pocketing it. It could be that the million of dollars flowing to the nation are going straight into the pockets of some selfish people and shady companies, while the population are getting a little water, some cholera malaria antibiotics, some food items and a few tents here and there.

Prime Minister Bellerive is the Co-Chairman of the Reconstruntion along with Bill Clinton.

We can not expect Bill Clinton to tell us everything about US and other companies who are benefiting from promised funds to Haiti, but at least Bellerive should come to his people and tell us what he knows about the money.

Are they trying to use Martelly as a distraction in the eyes of the world and the nation, while their pockets get filled up. Another interesting thought is: If the promised Billions are in a bank, who is benefiting from the interest of that money.

Who is getting the interest?

They said that the Billions promised would not be released until there is a government in place, but yet more than a third of the ten billions has already been dispersed without a Prime Minister and a government.

It is clear that some vampires may be sucking the blood out the starving children of Haiti, by making sure that the money is directed in areas of their own interest.

But the sadest of all is that our Senators are talking political philosophy in the ears of the people instead of dealing directly with that issue.

Allow me to say that I believe good has its people as well as evil. I also do believe that Martelly is a good man with a good vision, but he is dealing with evil people with selfish interests.

And no, i am not calling Bellerive, Clinton or anyone else, but evil knows who evil is. Moreover, since good will always victor against evil, then let all the gooddoers continue to do good, even though the evildoers are continuing to do evil. I apologize if i come across as someone who believes he knows something about the issue.

On the contrary, i am just a believer in the truth that no amount of dark evil ideas can ever conquer the light and love that comes from dreaming for a better day for our dear Haiti.

Peace be unto you!

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