RE: Jean-Claude Duvalier In The News Again... For Dining Out...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 25 2011, 4:19 AM

RE: Jean-Claude Duvalier In The News Again...

For Dining Out!

Agent-x Says...

Paule, you have a serious vocabulary problem but it is not apparent to you.
I am suggesting that you should start reading the New York Times every day for the next 10 years coupled with Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition before replying to me. Meanwhile, Do yourself a favor, keep reading my writings to improve your anemic vocabulary.

My suggestion to you is based on your ignorance and unfamiliarity with the most basic words as evidenced in your writing as follow ► "what do you mean by forte or fault i don't think you could make people jump

Send me your address.

I will send you a good dictionary.

The topic is: Jean-claude Duvalier In The News Again...

For Dining Out!
Reply to Msg 37235 posted 9/24/11 6:52 PM

+ Jean Pierre Alexandre Says:

You need to teach, not disrespect people.

Don't you know its not all Haitians that has the possibilities to go to school, specially writing English is not their prior, action and task in their life.
I think you are an animal with no understanding, like I've told you before, maybe you are the only educated bastard in your entire family just because they suppress the education of the others to push you forward."Haitian style"(but not my father and my mom)

^ Toulimen Legrand is a good example in this blog, he teach, he correct, he helps people understand, without even any notification what so ever or remarks.


You are suck just like those big useless Haitian brains.

I call them (gwo cevo) Carolina water melon brains.

I would like to try my new design of Titanium 5553 allow shell loaded with lead up your A S S.
Please, can you come with me.

Agent-x, remember last year i invited you for an hunting trip with me near the Canadian border?

That option still is in force if you are up to it.
You have up to mid of October to let me know if you will go with me.
Unless you forgot how to wipe your A S S with leaves and other stuff provided by mother nature.

These are some hints about me, that is why last year they voted me out as the team leader.

I hate to see toilet paper in back-pack, i hate to see flash lite in people hand, i hate to see people smokes, i hate to see cans food, i hate to see plastic bottled water, i hate to see sneakers in people feet in the woods"i almost shoot one guy just for the fun of it just because he is not wearing his hunting boots",i hate people pull their pricks to piss in the ground stead using a river of a small creek to piss, i hate people that wine for hunger complaining like horny bitch that they are tired specially if i just miss my shot on a prey.
If you think you are qualified, let's me know.

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Paule, you have a serious vocabulary problem but it...

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