In your reply you say forte, did read your reply before...

Paule - September 24 2011, 9:15 PM

in your reply you say forte, did read your reply before sending yes I have a vocabulary problem, but like I said instead of focusing on Jean Claude let's look at aristide who become a millionaire in less than 4 years let's talk about that with 80% of haitians who cannot read, taux infantile 61, 90 % of us don't have drinking water, with all the money you got when aristid was in power buy me a are so stupid with your reply it's been twenty one years vole ponpe ou chire, pouvwa ca wap we li apres yon lot 30 ans enko viv Haiti, aba lavalas sale nou pran li nou pran n net

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Paule, you have a serious vocabulary problem but it...

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