You don't know the history of Haiti. Before you makes comments...

Agent-x - September 24 2011, 7:21 PM

You don't know the history of Haiti.

Before you makes comments on thing that you don't know, read books about Haitian history.

Probably, I were among the youngest adolescents that were in Francois Duvalier political bureau in Port-Au-Prince.

Francois Duvalier was the poorest among the presidential candidates in Haiti during the period of 1956-1957.

Louis Dejoie was a millionaire, Daniel Fignole and Clement Jumelle had more money than Dr. Francois Duvalier.

This is a well documented fact that Francois Duvalier was a poor man before he became president.

How in the world the president of Haiti manages to accumulate $ 800,000,000 with his salary presidential salary in Haiti?

let assume Francois Duvalier and his son Jean Claude Duvalier never spend one penny from their pay checks during their 30 years in power, they would still don't have that money.

Now, if they don't spend from their salaries, then they were stilling from the people to eat, to buy clothing, to buy expensive cars and so on.

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when jn Claude Duvalier left he left Haiti with...

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