We know that the Ministah doesn't care Haiti, they are there...

Lloyd - September 24 2011, 4:07 PM

We know that the Ministah doesn't care Haiti, they are there to enjoy
themselves, raping,beating and killing our brothers and sisters.

I thought that Micky would ask the UN to leave the country within a year,
make sure that they help build the new armed forces of Haiti.

We could secure our country and at the same time employ our young men and women
while spending less.Each UN soldier recieve $6000.00 monthly.The army
should be 10% of our population.The requirements should be:etre de citoyennete haitienne, terminee l'enseignement secondaire, preuve de residence en haiti.Even if we pay each soldier $1000.00 US we would save at least$5000.00 monthly.Yes Micky, you could do it, don't be scared
after all you ain't got nothing to loose in Bourik charge" kick you out
of Haiti you'll be back in Florida and Newyork pou fe Kompa a mache

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