Agent-X agreed with you Paule that the parliament is grossly...

Agent-x - September 23 2011, 2:38 PM

Agent-X agreed with you Paule that the parliament is grossly overpaid.

Their salary should not be above five times of the median salary of a school teacher and a police.

Let me clarify:[Take the median salary of a school teacher+median salary of a police divided by 2=n multiply by 5=5n.
5n will be the top salary of the parliament subject to reduction in their pay check for hours they were missing in action that were not justified.

The salary of the current "vice" Vice president is grossly excessive and should be reduced by one third.

Those guys are "taking the Haitian people to the cleaner big time."
BTW where "pantalom moin tombe" find the two millions as his current assets after he lost three houses in Florida?

Why he waited so long before declaring his assest?

He came with the 2 millions figures after starting holdup Haitian at the money transfers kiosks and from the international telephone booths.

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