When are we going to stop those non sense? no matter how you...

Patricia - September 22 2011, 8:15 AM

When are we going to stop those non sense?

no matter how you feel about mr Martelly his name already in history as the 56th president of Haiti.Same way as mr Preval name will be in history after the earthquake when he quote"my palace is colapse I do not have no place to sleep tonight"so let's move on there is to many flaws to point out. Because some way and somehow after 25th years we all shall held responsible for the way Haiti look today, just take a minute to think about it.Then we will see that it is a necessary to put our head together and change Haiti image.

Otherwise we are going to keep pointing fingers at one another by doing nothing that will help Haiti to move forward.

I guarentee you if we change the mentality of selfishness and start loving each other, caring for one another, forgive one another, realizing that we are our brothers and sisters keeper;that we are sailing together if the boat sink we all will be perish, then yes Haiti is going to be on top once again as"the beautiful pearl in the Islands".God bless Haiti and may God touch our hearts!

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