Aristide Is The Messiah From God

Agent-x - September 20 2011, 7:58 PM

I bring you the good news that you hunger and thirst for.

►Aristide is the Messiah from GOD to the Haitian People.

►Repent all you sinners and fall down and worship Aristide.

►Keep a picture of Aristide in your home and be saved from the horror to come.
►I am the one sent to warn all of you, so that you can be saved.

►Those who know understand the five black arrows.

My Rosicrucian brothers and sisters let Aristide in your heart and see Haiti become Holy Land.

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Agent-x,i remember at the age of 14 i smoke hashish mix with dried bananas peels and some dried eucalyptus leaves,guess what? After just about 3... more »

Agent-yx says...

Agen-x get your mind together and go to church and see doctor the next day. You are not feeling well and you need help right away. It is not a sin... more »

Babie Spirits says...

You are truly nuts agent-x or agent-y or agent-xy or agent-yx or whoever else you are. Do you know what this evildoer has done to haiti. Get some... more »