Dear Patricia, Do yourself a favor and do not pay attention to...

Agent-y - September 20 2011, 7:45 PM

Dear Patricia,
Do yourself a favor and do not pay attention to the games being played by agent-x on this screen.

Agent-x is in the habit of creating alarming messages under other names used by other people in other to open up new lanes of communication for the lavalas agenda.

Agent-x is even denying messages written by agent-x in other to have maximum impact.

I am in Haiti, and i just checked with my friends in Cap-Haiti news associations, and no such thing happened.


Agent-x is a sick person, and i soon as that's discovered he will either use other people's names to send sick messages or change to another names with new attitudes so that the sickness will not be detected.

Agent-X is bright but with a sick obscure mind, and is now posting for Agent-Y. One thing for sure in this last escapade the black arrow often used was forgotten.

Check out this message by agent-x on the Martelly blog back in August 26, and you will see his sick lavalas agenda.

Agent-x believes that Aristide is GOD.
U.S. East coast Haitian population ask Aristide protection against Irene
Haitians living in the East coast of the United States are asking Aristide to use his supernatural power to ward off the furors of hurricane Irene since Aristide was able to protect Haiti against the savage destruction of Irene.

Tomorrow while Irene will be whistling, hurling, groaning, crackling and mumbling think about Aristide and you will be safe.

Posted by Agent-x on 8/26/11 10:08 PM

God bless,

Response to:

That's really a sad news to hear,please keep me...


flash; Aviation disaster in Milo,Lori North of Haiti

20 September 2011 18:00 hours ► Flash derniere second From combined reports,We just learned that Avion Salsa...

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