Let s hope something for the future of our nation. Haitian...

Ing -haspyl Lazarre. - September 20 2011, 11:11 AM

Let`s hope something for the future of our nation.

Haitian people have been suffering to much.Now we are at the beginning of our destiny, since we have been enjoying depleasant vacations when talking about development.

Haiti is our nation, of course, but we need to understand that we all make part of the world and together we can stuggle to find a good solution.Let`s stop fighting people who desire to help us.It is an excellent time to turn Haiti down for a nice and safe place to live and not a CROIX-DES-BOSSALS where a little group became rich and kept the country in slavery just for teir unique benefit.They travel whenever they want and to any countries they prefer.

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