Agent-x, you are a shameless man in deed, yes,you are. You...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 19 2011, 8:20 AM

Agent-x, you are a shameless man in deed, yes,you are.
You have nerves of steel.

Thank you.
Wou kon vole wi, si wou kab defan'n Titid nan prin sa?

Titid fe koule anpil san moun'n koule nan peyi Dayiti toma.
May my God forgives you all.
Only one thing i know for sure Aristide kills more people than me.
I involve in spilling blood, alot of them too but still see that i am alive.

Listen, ounce a Jehovah witness told me Jean you need change job or i will not study with you because i am with you for 4 years and you have not change a bit about your future.

My response to her"an old lady"God will teach me.
I am saying the same thing to you Agent-x now.
Gog will teach you.

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This is a very interesting exercise. Lavalass did not...

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