We are well aware of it. Our decency Squad is already on...

Agent-x - September 17 2011, 8:12 PM

We are well aware of it.
Our decency Squad is already on standby at the United Nations just in case the occurrence of a wardrobe malfunction might surface in the wrong place and at a critical moment in front of the omnipresent camera there.

We will take quick action to make sure the jacquot Emperor would not be naked voluntarily or involuntarily.

We will make arrangements to have his hands unable to reach below his hip so he will not try to pull the wrong microphone.

We already know about his fixation with all kind of microphones.

Our team will be keeping a tab on how much money the jacquot Emperor, his family, relatives, and entourage will spend on expensive restaurants and stores.

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Anytime you have a president of any country to be...

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