This man is out of his mind. The UN is there to protect the...

Cj - September 15 2011, 5:16 PM

This man is out of his mind. The UN is there to protect the white man investment.

We (HAITI) can afford to pay the UN that is the sole reason, they are there for this long. This is how the reparation from France, USA, Brazil, Spain and GreatBritain is been disburst.

In other words the money goes back into the white man pocket.

We do need an armed force to protect our people and our borders no doubt in that, so training for our young men and women need to be done by one country not the UN because at this point if that was in the plan they would have done it already.

The UN must GO now. Let the Chinese trained our young men and women.

This UN troop need to GO to real war in Lybia they have been in vacation for too long.

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