Yes I see your point: Black Pan-Africanist should shut the...

Bernadette - September 14 2011, 10:27 PM

Yes I see your point: Black Pan-Africanist should shut the hell up including others who would like to see the UN get the steppin...Because its not their dime that is being used after all.
Are these people's arrogance have any limits?

People of color countries are usually countries stranded for cash with Brazil as an exception.

Uruguay of all nations should know about imperialist backlash as US still not buying their fruits and Uruguayans are feeling the economic punch...

Even if Jamaica were able to help Haiti financially, they would not have been able to as US would have barred them from coming in just like they did with France, Canada and to a certain extent China.

US wanted other countries to know that Haiti was their TERRITORY and they acted like the main player in helping Haiti right after the last quake.

Perhaps rightfully so - Since Haiti relies TOTALLY on US for military protection against its own people...

This is a classic slave mentality rhetoric: When Blacks are in trouble, only the White masters come to their rescue.

Africa did extend a helping hand by taking some of our college age students.

I thought UN was helping on a "humanitarian" basis.

Since when it became a racial issue?

Yes, of course, we should be grateful for US's help and that of UN's but accepting murderers and rapists and other recklessly detrimental behavior toward our people should not be asked of us. This is too much to ask of anybody or country.

The point remains the same: A) UN soldiers should be held accountable for their criminal behavior.

B) New sensible way to EDUCATE UN soldiers should be established, perhaps some sort of cultural diversity and tolerance toward others.

C) Severe penalties to those who misused or abused their authority.

It is very true that we are the first Black Republic in the Western Hemisphere, but people in all fairness, that was 204 years ago. Should not we be marching on to newer drums right now?

The more we stay under the dominance of other countries for help, the more we will be disrespected by them.
Yes, I understand the situation in Haiti...but there is a saying at home that says: Nan mal, nan mal net. -- Nou mouri nou pa pe santi...

OK, time and circumstances, natural, political,social are not favorable to Haiti; But we have got to DO something, we can't rely on foreign aid forever.

There is no better time like NOW.
Perhaps we can start with something small like this brave young Haitian did by giving up that Mobile phone about Johnny Jean. Peaceful Vigilante groups can be formed to report to a designated UN authority all sorts of suspicious acts by UN soldiers.

Make sure that proper penalty measures are taken and followed.

We simply can't ignore anymore as a Nation that our people are getting a raw deal by people who took an oath to protect them.
By turning the other cheek is as criminal as the UN soldiers acts.
UN soldiers who are guilty of those reported crimes should pay the proper penal penalty.

UN MUST leave Haiti.

The question is WHEN.

UN has been in Haiti since 2004, what have they done so far to ensure the making of a Haitian army?

Please don't tell me that their mission was temporary peace keeping.

Personally, I am against a trained army by others.

It is an aberrant act that will come back to hunt Haiti.

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