They should renew the contract for three more years. Provided...

Bernard - September 14 2011, 8:39 PM

They should renew the contract for three more years.

Provided that the parliement stops playing games, right now the parliement is the biggest obstacle we have that is stopping the progress of Haiti.

During those three years the Minustah can train a new army, as we know Haiti can not be without an army. First; We have a population that still do not understand the meaning of democracy, they think democracy is a licence to do anything they want even if it violates the peoples rights.

second: Our police force cannot handle the whole population of Haiti, considering that gangs in Haiti have better weapons than the police.

Third: The drug smuggling is a big problem on the whole island, which is the reason why the U.S. keeps giving the latest technology and weapons to the Dominican Republic next door, because they feel they have an army and a navy to control the situation, it is time that we become adults and stop thinking that if we have an army things are going to get bad. If things get out of control by the government, the president knows what will happen, look what they did to Aristide when they found out the he wanted to cause a massacre, they took him out. The same thing will happen if any government in Haiti starts to be dictatorial.

Its a different world were living in! Its time for us as the first black republic to start thinking along these lines, we are a specail people, that started the revolution in south america 200 years ago, lets be proud of our ancestry and move boldly forward!

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That guy don't know what he is talking about.If...

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