Dear friend Am I in favor of the UN forces leaving Haiti? This...

Max Kenol - September 14 2011, 2:02 PM

Dear friend

Am I in favor of the UN forces leaving Haiti?

This is the most complex question ever ask to me since 1994. Unfortunatly I cannot find a straight answer for it ; first I would say NO! simply because I see an uncontrolable catastrophe coming soon after their departure and would we have to call for them back again and again and again, every time we are in trouble?

Second I'd say YES because to me, it's not conceivable for us haitians to invite foreing forces (22.000 troupes ) to destroy our Army ( good or bad ) on the land of Haiti ! the country that was created by the blood of revolutionary army generals such as DES-CHRIS-PE ect.
I do not think that Haiti would even exist as the first black Republic of the world if those foreing troupes had come in november 18th 1803 to reinforce our enemy's.
Instead of an amswer I have a question for the Blanc.

Mr blanc ! if you had to blame your army for crimes such as nuclear bombes in Japan or bad elections in 2000 ! would you call for foreing troupes to invade your country?


My question to you is ; who invited them

Max Kenol?

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