Prime example of our problem as a nation (if I can call it...

Tiba - September 13 2011, 10:20 AM

Prime example of our problem as a nation (if I can call it that) and as a people.

It's been almost 5 months now since there is a new elected president in Haiti, and yet, 5 months without a functioning government to do anything.

Haiti has been a "free for all" country for the past 5 months.

Who to blame for that?

UN, USA, France, Canada or the Haitian people?

If Haitians cannot form a government for their country how could they provide security and safety to the population and to the country?

Put all emotion aside for a moment, and really think about this fact.

It's time that Haitians stop fooling themeselves, stop pretending, and stop living in denial.

There could be a prime minister this afternoon, but it doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet because it may take another 5 months to really form a functioning government.

And this is the kind of people that we are.

Incompetence, mediocrity, and the absence of the know-how, are our trade marks as a people.

If we, Haitians, were a people of common sense, there would be a government in Haiti a longtime ago and a competent one to deal with this problem head on.

And there would be a plan in place to either have a bigger and more professional police force providing security and safety to the people, or there would be plan to form an Haitian Army force to replace MINUSTAH.

Every corp, organization, group, and association does come with bad apples.

This is fact of life but there ought to be a better way to deal with situations/events in more rational fashion when they arise.

Enough of the nonsense! let's think together collectively in order to come up with more agressive solutions to our problems.

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