I don't think Moise Charles knows what he's talking about, and...

Belfanm - September 12 2011, 7:24 PM

I don't think Moise Charles knows what he's talking about, and as a senator, if he had any decency and respect for his position, he would not engage in hearsay and gossip.

but according to radio caraibes,radiotelevisioncaraibes.com/nouvel...

thierry mayard paul and patrick rouzier presented an undated resignation letter to the prime minister as an assurance in case he goes against the president, then the president can pull out this letter.

some people say this is customary, in this situation since conille is sorta force on martelly so Martelly don't really know the guy. conille refuse to sign the letter and the guys and no mention of mrs martell as him to remove himself from the designaition.

this is said to happen at Hotel Karibe and there was no mention of mrs. Martelly.

according to haitilibre.com,

the situation is resolve and the president say he had nothing to do with this resignation letter.

Conille accept the president at his word and they say the beef has been squashed.

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