There we go again, with the same defeated mentality with a lot...

Bernadette - September 10 2011, 9:46 PM

There we go again, with the same defeated mentality with a lot of false pride.

UN - MINUSTAH definitively are helping keeping the population in a somewhat status quo as we all know if and when the MINUSHAH leave Haiti, self-interest-groups would find their way to the streets of Haiti's; One more time, Haiti would be bathe with blood and ransacked houses...

To prevent this mis-en-scene.we must accept MINUSTAH as is. This is a very dangerous political faux-pas as it lowers the masses self-esteem and hope for the future.

Just because "Bob" is a foreigner and a "BLAN" does not make him right.

"Bob" I assume, is an American and probably would have had a totally different attitude if that scenario were in America...or any first world country.

Police brutality can happen anywhere EXCEPT that TRUE activists would follow the proper channels to make sure there are vigilant groups taking notes and DEMAND prosecution for those who do not obey the rules.

Yes, Haiti needs foreign aid, but that does not mean we should accept it at ALL COSTS.

Once again the "sons and daughters" of Dessalines are only prevalent when they can be used for the benefit of others.

Their names cited in vain only when it helps others.

When it is glaringly obvious we should take action to protect our people, we backed down. Instead, we rather call one another names, use vile and dirty words to describe one another.

Social despair is what best describe bloggers in here.
Our youth is being mistreated and abused in a very essence of a human being, but nothing preventative or retroactive is being discussed.

Toussaint Louverture must be tossing back and forth in his grave with disgust.

Was Dessalines work in vain?

I was very angry when I read in an encyclopedia the other day, that the present Haitians are NOT the descendents of the revolutionary Haitians of yesteryear but rather the RECIPIENTS of them. I believe today, you guys proved them right.

You people have seen the videos, you have heard numerous personal testimonies of MINUSTAH brutalities and inhuman behaviors, yet nothing is being done to protect the Haitian public.

Does anyone raise the question about the sanity of those rapists?

In this day and age of AIDS, if they are raping those girls with no protection, should not we question their sanity?

Should not those impregnated girls get DNA test to determine paternity for child support purposes?

It is sickening to hear such atrocities.

Kabrit gade je met yo anvan yo rentre.

I believe in integrity and self-worth.

I will contact the proper channels to register my complaints against the MINUSTAH and their wrong doings in Haiti.

Hopefully, I will fall under some sympathetic ears.
P.S. For all those "Marlenes" outhere: Just get a life, will you?

don't bother answer me as I will not answer back. Have a nice life.

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