I am in favor of the minustah lvg Haiti. Bob is right Haitians...

Linda - September 10 2011, 6:24 AM

I am in favor of the minustah lvg Haiti.

Bob is right Haitians are not presently capable of providing security to themselves.

Although the bad is what is being highlighted but its not small enough to weigh the goods vs bad.

Accountibility is a MUST, if they r there for the good they r trained disciplined professional who r being paid to act as such. There r committing crimes yet in an authoritive position.

In there country or us they would not engage in these behaviors, since respect is not being observed in Haiti, since we are the target of disfunction and bottom of the barrel they have no choice mentality cause they cannot govern themselves and they need help beggar cant be chooser status, rape, abuse, shaming, physical abuse, is acceptible.

Do u see how many mulato green eyed babies r on the hips of young girls specially under 18?

We r in this mess by our own ex government legacy, its costing millions, maybe we should get help extreme training for the police force, create Haiti's own militia or ...

giving jobs and discipline some hope, all i know is Minustah comes w problems, life changing problems that cant b ignored and the trust is broken so stop bandaiding it lets find another solution sto complaining if its not working change it for a different results.

Peace my small opinion, lol

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