What a great question" I believe many responsible parents will...

Solidarite Internationale - September 9 2011, 8:47 AM

What a great question"
I believe many responsible parents will see it the same way with the person who wrote it. Haitian army was responsible for our political and economic depression for almost a century, disbanned them created a void where insecurity immediately filled up.UN helped Haiti in so many ways from security, job creation, humanitarian efforts just to name a few....,it's unfortunate that kind of incident happen which I deeply condemned.The authors of those barbaric crimes need to face trial and punish.

Haiti need to be working faster as far as security is concern it's a crucial task, Haiti need a professional police with several units trained by foreign forces to help fight against crimes, mistrust amongst political fractions and lack of communications oftenly brought Haiti to the need of the international mediation to help reconcile their differences.

Truthfully haitians alone can not profesionalize thier own police force and provide them with necessry equippments to perform their duties therefore there is no need to come up with a haitian army.Let us collaborate with the UN not simpy as receivers, but as contributers to stabilize our poor country.

Please think before we act, sispann kraze brize VIVE la Paix

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