YES, FIFTY MILLIONS TIMES because its peacekeepers brought...

Myrtho - September 9 2011, 8:14 AM

YES, FIFTY MILLIONS TIMES because its peacekeepers brought pain and suffering to the people they were supposed to protect.They dehumanize our people .They have no respect for Haitian lives in the communities where they station.They sexually abused young girls of the ages of 14-17 and many of them are pregnant and this is classified as rape in the US.They brought the Cholera, and the last blow was making videos while raping this young men.They can't deny it because by now the whole world is watching the video.They have cause so much damage that people lost faith in the UN services.

We will, with the help of the new government in Place, try overcome the predicament that the country was fallen into. Those peacekeepers are not any better than the Haitian kidnappers and rapists who terrorized Haiti.Don't get me wrong, I appreciate some of the good jobs that they have done but to bad their nasty actions had spoiled it.They are to be remembered as the bad and the ugly who not only came with the Cholera but left behind a lot illegitimate children and many young girls without a future because those men had scattered their dreams.MINUSTAH, please go back where you came from. You have done enough and are not welcome anymore.

Thanks but no cigars.Live us alone.

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