I hope that these guys got what they deserve. That kind of...

Daniel Nabu - September 8 2011, 4:26 PM

I hope that these guys got what they deserve.

That kind of thing can only happen in a poor country.

My fear and preoccupations on this moment are that we don't have anybody who can stop that kind of action.

Nobody really cares about us. Haiti has actually no government that can face the situation.

It is not the first time that happens and it's not the last time neither.

U.N guys have raped, they are still raping now in Haiti and in other poor countries and they will still...However, for the first time I hope that something will be done for real in Haiti about it. I hope they will be tried in Haiti, before Haitian court.

I hope the Haitian government at least have the courage to take even for this particular time their responsiblity in asking the UNO to release the immunity of these soldiers in order to open the way for Haitian justice to take the right action against them as it should be done in a normal country.

Furthermore, I don't see why U.N soldiers are in Haiti.

They are not helping the country.

They are helping themselves in this poor country with no defense.

Shame on UNO!!!! Haiti is not for sale.

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Well, I Wonder why the crime has been commit in...

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