I don't understand why this article of the constipation...

Tiba - September 8 2011, 3:47 PM

I don't understand why this article of the constipation applies to an "APPOINTED" official?

I really don't care what the constipation says. I just wanna know why this article applies to a post that is not an "ELECTED" position.

In that case, this article must apply to the entire cabinet staff because these are all appointed members as well.

The prime minister works to the pleasure of the president and can be fired at any moment notice.

An "appointed" official can be fired at will anytime, and therefore should not and must not be subjected to the constitution.

Senator Anacasis is the dumbest of the dumb with all the bad intention for Haiti.

After all, he is collecting around $10,000 US a month from the public treasury for just sitting on his head and doing nothing.

This is what living the good life is all about in Haiti.

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