When MINUSTAH first came to Haiti, there was chaos due to the...

Alister Wm Macintyre - September 6 2011, 1:06 PM

When MINUSTAH first came to Haiti, there was chaos due to the coup against Aristide, so an agreement was reached, which many people today do not like the consequences.


The boss of MINUSTAH is the UN Security Council, which periodically reviews what's going on, based on what they are told by MINUSTAH.

If no one else speaks up to UN Security Council, then past Haiti government saying YES we need them, means they stay, using same agreement.

But Haiti Parliament has the power to insist that the next Prime Minister go along with the President's wish to change the UN involvement in Haiti.

They can ask MINUSTAH to leave.

They can ask MINUSTAH to stay, but with changed rules, to address resolution of various alleged abuses.

I don't see any constructive efforts to ask Haiti Parliament to change the rules under which MINUSTAH is in Haiti.

The next UN Security council vote on MINUSTAH in Haiti, is scheduled for middle of October 2011.

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Unsurprinsingly haitians are doing worst than that to...

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