Friends, I'm so happy to see so many of you involve in that...

Patricia - September 6 2011, 8:52 AM

Friends, I'm so happy to see so many of you involve in that cause.

First of all president Martelly can not order the withdrawal of the minustah, let's be clear about it only"we the people can do it".

I'm not talking about violence, What we need to do is to united as one nation and have one voice to free Haiti.

We need to think outside the box to beat the system for example:we have Haitians and Haitians American elected officials all over the states;we need to find their names, their offices number and call them to speak out regarding those abuse in Haiti.2nd keep calling those numbers :212-290-4700; 212-963-8681; 404-878-2276; and ask for justice plus an independent investigator, because there more allegations where they raped girls as young as 9 years old.3rd we need our Army back to protect the citizens and the land. Remember not to use offensive language show them that we are civilize people like any other nation.

My last question is where is Mr Aristide, Mr Preval, the other candidates, G16 and the rest of the congress?

why they are not speaking out?

for how long they are going to stay silence?.We said:no more foreign Army, no to cholera, no to sexual abuse, and no more exploitation.God bless Haiti and God bless you all!

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