Unsurprinsingly haitians are doing worst than that to their...

Solidarite Internationale - September 6 2011, 8:37 AM

Unsurprinsingly haitians are doing worst than that to their fellow haitians.

First Who brought MINUSTAH to haiti don't treat them as invaders.

Otherwise who legally invited them?

.Due to our incapacity to provide security to our own country and to lead our destiny we invited all kind of rapists and crminals to protect us. Without mentionnig we haven't given no access to them to dump thier feeces who should we blame?(ministere de l'environnement or sante public).

All we are good at is crticizing do we think collectively to come up with a solution the answer is NO.I bet you in case the MINUSTAH is leaving Haiti they will be a celebration because haitian criminals will profit to amass their fortunes in kidnaping business and raping their victims as usual.

Remember Haitian government and the private sector have several media outlets why should we blame foreigners not to show your news the way you want it, blame tele haiti, TNH instead remember your tax money pay them.What about our lawmakers with a monthly salary of $10 thousand US why can't we force them to come with an answer.

Meanwhile we remain silent on our executive.

Haitians if you really want a better living standard be truthful stop throwing our responsibilities to other nations be responsible for our homeland.

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