Agent-x, the incompetence of Aristide drag Haiti into that...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 6 2011, 4:39 AM

Agent-x, the incompetence of Aristide drag Haiti into that sink-hole;
I do know the enemies you just claim that we"the Duvalierists"were in collision with are still motivate more than-ever to destroy Haiti.

My questions to you, where is Aristide?where is Preval?

where are the others"A S S H O L E S"whom were in power to control the country after our depart, listen very good< we were not kidnapped?

we go in our own consent>.

We took our responsibility at that time very well.
Aristide bring these M O T H E RF U C K E R S, RAPISTS,GOATS and SHEEP THIEVES, Nepalese diseases dirty animals in our country.

Agent-x, you are so boldface you sound just like Aristide.

You are a looser just like him too and it's a fact.
If you want peace with me, slap Aristide in his nose and mouth, i know that piece a SHI'T like to slap people in the face when he was President.

The minustash went and built a taller wall to protect his A S S in Tabarre.

Tell him for me the minustah will soon leave and pigs season will open for all Haitians.

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Jerk Pierre Alexandre, the MUNISTAH came to Haiti to...

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