The entire MINUSTAH is not guilty, and there are some bad...

Josy - September 5 2011, 9:42 PM

The entire MINUSTAH is not guilty, and there are some bad individuals in it. We do need their presence in the country, but they have to be screened and monitored very closely.

They are always blaming us for diseases, and they did with the HIV virus.

Those perverts brought diseases in Haiti, and other parts of the world.

We have no jobs, or schools for our youths and we are not the only country with this type of problem.

It is happening in all the poor countries like Cuba, Eastern Europe, Asia, and there is human traficking all over the world.

We need to be careful with the ones who want to adopt children in Haiti, and young kids are turned into sex slaves.

It is an industry, and the cartels make billions of dollars.

You have wealthy Americans, and Europeans going to third world country for sex with young boys. They travel to Mexico, Thailand, and are a bunch of perverts.

We also have prostitution involving very young girls, and the MINUSTAH staff is having an orgy ball in Haiti.

The poor families are tricked, or pressured and threatened to give up their kids. They give a few dollars to the hungry parents, and they are desperate for money.

They have younger children to feed, and are clueless.

It is happening in Afghanistan, and adult men keep young boys for sex. Those men have families, but keep a very young boy to entertain them and saw a movie about it. The boys are forced to dance for rich warlords, and are disposed like trash after a few years.

They promised to give them jobs, and take care of the children.

I am not a violent person, but those animals who raped this young boy should be castrated first and return home in body bags.

May GOD have mercy on them, and I am a human being.

I have animal instinct, and my children are off limit.

You can slap, or hurt me and get away with it. You touch my kids, and I will hunt you down. They are grown ups now, and parents themselves.

I am not divine, and am not a saint.


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