Let try not to be too partisan. None of us can be proud of...

E. Reyme - September 5 2011, 5:14 PM

Let try not to be too partisan.

None of us can be proud of what our leaders did to our country.They were all robbers for the most...

Duvaliers as well as Aristide and Preval were from the same gang.They were the same with only one difference.

They all had the opportunity to be great presidents.

Instead, they were considered destroyers of the nation.

Despite of all, Lavalas people must thank the Macoutes for planning the way for them socially.

Without Papa Doc, Aristide supposed to be a servant at Mr. Z, s house in the south.

Aristide and his band killed them instead and gave them Pere Lebrun...

That's all we can recall.

They were not great.

May be great in killing.

Your contributor was victim of both Duvalier and Aristide governments.

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Haitian remimber the only goog times we had in the...

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