Friends, do not forget to call and ask for justice even...

Patricia - September 5 2011, 9:16 AM

Friends, do not forget to call and ask for justice even mention the cholera since the specialists prove that it was minustah who brought cholera in Haiti, and we had more than five thousands die with the virus.Keep calling let make them hear us we are one nation stop fighting each other, no more division let get justice for our brothers and sisters;lets put our head together to free Haiti.

Mobilizing others to call keep that number in mind 212-290-4700 I encourage to all of you to call every single day, and remember to do it in a civilize manners for them to hear us.Even if you have a friend who's not Haitian it does not make any difference since we are all human being living in the same planet.

I believe we can do it if we stick together with no violence, Haiti is count on us to free her.God bless Haiti and may God bless you all!

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