The president sent a note the press regarding what happened...

Patricia - September 5 2011, 8:56 AM

The president sent a note the press regarding what happened the sexual assault on that young boy.I'm wonder what the G16 said, what about the rest of the senators and deputy, what about Mr Lambert, Kelly Bastien, Anacacis,Moise Jean-charles, Belizaire,they are always in TV and on the radio talking about the constitution.What is their responsibilities as a congresmen toward Haiti citizens who's protecting them.What about the land article 263.1 said:we shall never have a foreign Army into the land, why can Haiti have her own Army?

article 263 Haiti have two forces:the Army and the police force.Are you there only to fight for position and power, but not to protect the nation and her citizens.

Shame on you guys!may God have mercy on your souls.

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