Agent-X or Agent-x or Agent-Y or Agent-y or whoever you may be...

Agent-X or Agent-x or Agent-Y or Agent-y or whoever you may be playing paasing of controversial ideas between your alter egos to attempt to fool the readers on this screen into involving themselves with your senseless debates with racial undertones; well, there are some thinkers behind this screen.

I must admit taht your premise, however warped, is of some value for discussion in regard to the Haitian fabric as that relates to race, politics and economic.

But your your facts to support your statements were throuw in a vegetables to make a soup for those who have no sense of taste.

Let me give you some very good advice, write a book or get your dvd out to be followed by your 3-part documentary on these issues which you are so passionate about, our Parliament as well as Aristice and Preval who enjoyed the company of some of these people you mentioned.

I have news for you, feces is brown and faces on this screen are multicolored, just as the words in front your eyes are black and the world is multicolored.

It is good to think, little buddy, but be mindful what you are offering others to think about.

Se bon bet'wi map baw'la ti mal.

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