Oh boy! Here we go again, blaming Duvalier for the over...

Bernard - September 4 2011, 11:21 PM

Oh boy! Here we go again, blaming Duvalier for the over population! Well its amazing how people forget.

Jean Claude left Haiti in 1986, are you kidding me?

aristide was the one that made a deal with Clinton when he was ousted the first time to allow Clintons brothew to bring in Rice, turkey wings and every thin else and he encourage the people that were farming to come to the capital.

That was a ploy because he was afraid to be overthrown again, he thouht by having the great mass that believe in him then, he would not be overthown again, we know how that turned out under Bush. Its a sad excuse to blame Duvalier for that, Aristide is to blame for bringing all of the 3 million plus to the capital.

No one wants to work the land anymore, everyone wants to work in an office even if they do not have the qualification.

How screwd up is that?

These people need to go back and start a program to work the land and produce the kind of food that we all grew up knowing in Haiti.

When I was growing up in Haiti everything that we ate was produce in the Haiti.

Lets stop the excuse, Aristide and Preval failed miserably because they only cared about wath they were getting out of the process.

Get rid of Aristide and Preval you will see how Haiti will rise above the this whole crisis, They are the biggest problem right now influencing the progress of Haiti!

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