There are a lot of truths in those statements, but i won't...

Frantz Dorismond - September 4 2011, 1:32 PM

there are a lot of truths in those statements, but i won't aggree with everything; because there are some
exgerations there.but what is important, is that all haitians that love their country and would like to
live there, must unit and encourage the actual gov't in place to take appropriate steps to curve security in the country, specially in p-au-p, in other to encourage the diaspora to go back to the motherland to help devellopments and to invest while retireing in haiti by returning with their saving.

one of stiff
measures that could be taking is a law of death penalty for any convicted kidnapper in a court of law by firing squad in a public place.that would set a example and people would have a brake with them.

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Hey Animal,if you don't have anything constructive to...

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