Hey Animal, if you don't have anything constructive to...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 4 2011, 11:57 AM

Hey Animal, if you don't have anything constructive to say"just shut you stinking mouth.

I have a better topic for you to discuss.

Feel free to talk about it and i will support you.

F U C K Y O U, animal.

Like Toulimen Legrand said,
The Franco-Americano-Syrian Elites of Haiti
The biracial mulatto African-American descent, light skinned Haitians such as Brandt, Vorbes (Formerly Forbes), Coles (Formerly Kohls), Baker, Brown, Meclembourg (Formerly Mecklemberg) to name a few have colonized Haiti since 1862 for the U.S. and this colonization continues because they are selling some lands now to other white Americans related to their line of descent to take over the Haitian elites forever.

While we are discussing garbages on this site, Haitian lands are being sold piece by piece to foreigners and our sovereignty is more risky than ever. As states the Haitian saying: Si andan kay la pa vann ou deyo pa ka achte ou. Those Haitian African-Americans and especially the owner of this blog are killing Expatriated Haitians in Haiti in great numbers and they are the Haitian-CIA agents ever. They are defending Haiti on behalf of the United States' interests.

Beware as you may be the next target!

The French-Haitian white descents such as Mevz (Formerly Mevzvinsky) closely tied with the Clinton Family, Delatour, Flambert, Beaussan, Gourgues, Leblanc, Piquion, Bellegarde, Fatton, Larco, Gousse, Beaussan, St-Remy, Cambrone, to name a few are defending the French interests in Haiti.

They are French settlers and can kill anyone who is gainst French interests in Haiti.

The Syrian elite as represented by Accra (Italy/Syria's line of descent), Vitiello, Saliba, Castera just to name a few are defending both countries French and U.S. while protecting their wealth in Haiti.

Although divided with the first two elites, they are always the mediators and negotiators in time of conflicts.

They are the ones who want the Expatriated Haitians to live in exile forever.

They offer services to them while they are visiting Haiti but don't want them to retire in Haiti.

They are experts in killing expatriated Haitians.

They know how to spy on them as well as getting rid of them. They don't like market competition to avoid inflation in Haiti.

They love monopoly and they are fighting the first two elites members who seem to live in two different worlds such as mercantilism and capitalism.

Haitian people are left alone and no one is defending our political, social and economic interests.

We are being monitored 24 hours to 7 and if we rebel, those gangsters will kill us. We should unite to defend Haiti's interests before those mercenaries sell it to others.

Think about how we can change the dynamic there.

This blog manager keeps blocking all thoughtful bloggers and he does not want good discussion to take place here. Identify the message of any dividers and try to understand who is defending the interests of the Haitian people.

In this White New World, dark skinned people and not only dark skinned Haitians will remain the lowest of all races because they are being monitored 24 to 7 by the whites and the mulatto biracial so their struggle can die down.

We are doomed to failure and Africa does not offer anything.

They are being killed by European Bio-Scientists like U.S. and whether you like it or not we are being owned by whites and biracial mulattoes everywhere.

Their fingerprints as well as their discrimination markers are on us through the vaccines that we get from their control.

Your life expectancy is being under their control.

We have inherited created genetic diseases from their vaccines and it will always be the fight between good race versus bad race. Think about it!

If you think that you are free in this white world, the German writer named Goethe will say that you are CRAZY!

Posted by Toulimen Legrand on 9/3/11 11:01 AM

WELLF U C K E R say somethink about this!

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