Breaking news those soldiers that were involve in the crimes...

Patricia - September 4 2011, 10:24 AM

Breaking news those soldiers that were involve in the crimes already brought in the capital and UN going to send back to their country.But that's not what we want that the reason I encourage to all of you to call that number 212-290-4700 it's an organization name:"Human watch "we need to call them every single day and ask to bring those soldiers to justice, also minustah have to go what now. Remember to do it in a civilize manners show them that we are a united nation, we have to decide for our country because in October 15th they are going to demande for minustah to stay one more year in Haiti.

We said:no, no let's block them now before October 15th happen;I believe if we put our head together victory is ours.The # is 212-290-4700 yes we can let fire up for Haiti no more foreign Army in our land.God bless Haiti and may God bless you all!

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