Friends, what happened to our brother and our sisters that we...

Patricia - September 4 2011, 8:29 AM

Friends, what happened to our brother and our sisters that we are not aware off it's a disgrace and a violation to human right, that we all shall stand up and ask for justice.

IT is sad to see it have to come to that degree for us to realize what the leaders in the past put Haiti through.

If you want to agree or not it does not make any difference since Mr Aristide disbanded our Army;our country going down step by step. Mr Preval was president for ten years and some of those members of the parlement was on his government knew exatly what the constitution said:article 263 there are two forces in Haiti;the Army and the police force.Not only that article 263.1 said:"Aucun autre corps Armee ne peut exister sur le territoire national".So they all are guilty of treason, Yes president Martelly shall do something also it is the legislative responsibility to make sure our countrymen respected and protected.Now for those who are against to establish our Army, Do you realize that you are guilty also to what happenning in Haiti with the cholera and all the rapes including others crimes they do not even mention of.Here what I want every Haitians in USA, Canada,France and the other countries to exercise their civic duties here a number to call to ask for justice:212-290-4700 make sure you do it in a civilize manner if you are not Good in the language just ask your children to do it involve them they need to know about their legacies too.God bless Haiti, and may God bless you all!

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