I understand that the previous government had requested the...

Myrtho - September 4 2011, 7:36 AM

I understand that the previous government had requested the help of the minusta for their protection because they were in war with themselves.

I am asking what those perverts are still doing in Haiti?

I think that their contract termination is long overdue.

Since they cannot be punished for their dishonest actions, they should be kicked out of Haiti.

Is the new government has something to say or willing to do something about those people.

Those so-called soldiers are not Haitians they should go back to their country.They must go back where they came from.That is very ridiculous.The government should stop paying them so they would understand that they are not welcome anymore.

If it was the other way around Haitians will be shipped back to HAITI a long time ago.We are not respected even in our country.The government must put their head together to resolve that minusta situation that is getting out of hands.

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