Hi! I totally agree with you, but please do not use bad words...

Josy - September 3 2011, 11:24 PM

Hi! I totally agree with you, but please do not use bad words and you can still make your point without the vulgarities.

The rapists should go home in body bags, and this is getting out of control.

We do a lot of talking, but no actions and are too passive.

Our ancestors were not afraid to die for their freedom, but now we have a bunch of cowards and do not get it. If those pioneers were weak we would still be slaves, and they fought back. We have a new generation who are fat, and happy.

They do not realize the sacrifices, and lives lost to give them freedom.

We cannot do it in their countries, and they would bury us alive.

Where are the men?

Where are the mothers?

Where are the femmes vaillantes?

Where are the poto mitan?

I do not have any small children, but was willing to sacrifice my life for my kids and now they can defend themselves.

I pray for my children, grandchild, and all the kids in the world.

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Those guys should never leave the country with their...

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