It's sade and outrageous to watch such a thing, but Minuskaka...

Capt N J - September 3 2011, 10:43 PM

It's sade and outrageous to watch such a thing, but Minuskaka is not the one to
blame; It's the Haitian politician who put the country under the Occupation.It's
the Haitian people who tolerate all those non-senses.

They took the streets to
force their own Brothers out of the Country; and they accept and cooporate with
"blanc" to oppress the poor people.

Now we have two exiled Presidents back in the Country, that's mean either their absence or their presence don't cause any
danger to the Country.

Why we still have those M F in Haiti.

My question to you
as Haitian what Minuskkaka did for Haiti?

Tell me. The Insecurity is still the biggest business operated by some big SOB's.People the police and Minouch-K can
not arrest.

That's the reason they keep accusing the some poor and bad guys in Cite Soleil.

Kidnapers don't and can't live in Cite Soleil, because there is no where in this poor area you can hide or spend million of dollars.

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Those guys should never leave the country with their...

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