Haiti Supremacy In Concacaf

Mac Handal - September 3 2011, 9:30 PM

The Diapora congratulate the Football team.

I support the team, I expect them to advance
not only to the next phase but that our football
reclaims deserved supremacy in the Concacaf.

However, Haitians let be reasonable it take more
than a dream.

It takes strong and effective political leadership for a
team to be consistent and successful.

I give some
credit to the Duvalier era for our first world cup
championship in Munich 1974 ( Germany).

Let me tell you, I felt so happy to see the president
Martelly in the Stadium.

There is nothing more
encouraging to the player than the back bone
administrative with the support of the whole nation.

This road is challenging.

There is very good teams in
this region.

But, we should use all options ( We have
many good players in Europe and America also )
Once again, one nation, no Haitian should be excluded
We need Unity.

May foot ball unify us again.

The Diaspora Congratulate the Team

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