Agent-x, i did take his word very serious because he have good...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - September 2 2011, 3:50 PM

Agent-x, i did take his word very serious because he have good info and clearance to deeper source.

I ounce told him the same thing you just mentioned.

"►If that was true, then they will be able to solve their economic crisis at the flick of a switch;
►They would be able to solve the health crisis, the spiraling drug addiction and crime, the prison population, etc.
►Why they are expanding a formidable network of panoptic devices in a desperate attempt to control their progressively restive population.

►Predators always use the element of surprise, clandestine, bluff and sometime stick and carotts".

Agent-x, his answer was to me." We don't care about a few red necks, even they are 50,000,000 of them past in the process."
I believe him by his word, this man have a super knowledge in almost everything that interest me, i am not an easy man to freak out, but this man freak me out completely.

He told me the world will change, it's not about politics, it's not about survival, we in the process since three years and the stubbing part money is not important for them.
I want you to figure this out.

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Alex, this is an addundum to your previous message...


Haiti has a unique and curious political structure

Haiti has a defacto President[B.C]--> has real power A Vice President[M.M]--> Oversee administrative matters A defacto...

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