Alex, this is an addundum to your previous message concerning...

Agent-x - September 2 2011, 11:25 AM

Alex, this is an addundum to your previous message concerning "Yesterday i was told by a hard thinker at work.They can destroy the strongest nation on earth at any time.Iran is not immune, China etc"

►Those predators want to project themselves as omnipotent, omnipresent omniscient etc
►If that was true, then they will be able to solve their economic crisis at the flick of a switch;
►They would be able to solve the health crisis, the spiraling drug addiction and crime, the prison population, etc.
►Why they are expanding a formidable network of panoptic devices in a desperate attempt to control their progressively restive population.

►Predators always use the element of surprise, clandestine,bluff and sometime stick and carotts.

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Agent-x,after reading that info "the excuse to...


Haiti has a unique and curious political structure

Haiti has a defacto President[B.C]--> has real power A Vice President[M.M]--> Oversee administrative matters A defacto...

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Agent-x,i did take his word very serious because he...

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